A.J. Dando

(1885 - 1956 (?)) Philadelphia, PA

On October 23rd 1885 Aubery J. Dando was born in Philadelphia, PA to Tomas Stotesbury and Helen D. Dando. His father was the president of the Dando Printing and Publishing Company, which produced Sporting Life magazine. In the early 1900’s Dando worked as booth a Banker, and as an employee of his father’s publishing company. He was noted for his shooting skills. In the 1930’s Dando’s carving skills gained recognition in one of Abercrombie & Fitch’s exhibits. During this time Dando married twice, and moved from Philadelphia to New York City. He quickly became known for his flyers, which he usually carved to be mounted on walls in flocks or on one of his own oil paintings. His pieces were noted for the extension of their wings, and the complex feathering. Dando often did the detailing for A.J. King’s miniature pieces. The majority of his work in the 1940’s before his death was sold and displayed in Sport’s Miscellaneous and Fieldcraft Inc.. These same works later became highly priced by game bird carving collectors.