Mission, Vision, and Values


The Ward Foundation creates spaces and opportunities for learning about artistic traditions, community heritage, and connections to the natural environment.


The Ward Foundation’s vision is to be a leader at the crossroads of the arts, heritage conservation, environmental education, and community service. We create inspirational, innovative, and accessible exhibits, educational programs, and public events that build on the legacy of pioneering decoy makers Lem and Steve Ward.


  • We value the wellbeing of our community, and believe that the arts, access to nature, and connection to heritage are vital for maintaining community health.
  • We value diversity and inclusion, knowing that we all benefit from better understanding and appreciation of the cultures and peoples with whom we share our communities.
  • We value the creative process, and know that the arts, including wildfowl art, not only make our world more beautiful, but encourage creative thinking, constructive problem-solving, and effective communication.
  • We value sustainability and environmental education, and the role these play in creating a viable future.
  • We value material culture and intangible expressions of heritage as ways to convey meaning about our varied pasts and shared future.
  • We value collaboration and know that we all benefit from shared ideas and resources.
Updated 05/29/20