Glen Smart

(1923 - 2017) Cape Girardeau, MO

Glen Smart was born in Rector, Arkansas before relocating with his family to Campbell, Missouri during his youth.  After receiving two Bachelor’s degrees in Teaching and Zoology from the University of Missouri, Smart spent four years as an aerial photographer for the U.S. Airforce.  Following his military career, he went on to work as a research biologist for the United States Fish and Wildlife Division, where he honed his skill as a woodcarver and expert on birds.

Glen Smart began carving as a child, practicing on apple and orange crates and filling his front porch.  He stopped carving from high-school until after the Air Force until he came across an old duck decoy on a trip to Maryland.  After practicing on the decoy, he decided to try his hand at carving.  Smart fully entered the competitive carving world in the 1960’s, moving from competitor to judge in world championship competitions.  He was a Professional level judge at the World’s Championship for several years, starting in 1977 in the Decorative Lifesize and Professional Miniatures competitions.