Henry Gibbs Murphy

(1904 - 1969) Davis, NC

Henry Gibbs Murphy grew up in Davis, a community located in Carteret County, the geographic center of coastal North Carolina. Davis is on the Western shore of Core Sound a major historical waterfowl hunting ground. Unlike many other “locals”, Murphy was the decedent of a family well known for their skills as duck hunters, guides and decoy makers.

Murphy was employed as a local guide for hunters who were drawn to the birds migrating over the shallow, salty waters of Core Sound. Most of the shooting was in “stake blinds” in open waters between the mainland and the outer Banks. The blinds were built out of four- cornered walled enclosures held in place with pilings. Hunters used ladders to enter and exit the blinds.
Murphy is credited with a number finely carved of redhead, scaup, green-winged teal, pintail, black duck, mallard and Canada geese decoys.

For additional information

Waterfowl Heritage: North Carolina Decoys and Gunning Lore, 1983 by William N. Conoley.