Joseph Schofield King

(1905 - 1992) Edgely, PA

Joseph King was a debt collector by day and a machinist by night. He did most of his hunting during the 1930s and ’40s, but produced fewer than fifty decoys. His birds display an influence by the English school, but appear more streamlined and delicate. Black ducks constitute the majority of his production, but scaup and pintails also found their way into his rigs. King decoys have rounded features, slightly raised primaries, and detailed carving about the head. Simple stylized paint patterns adorn his birds to create a functioning decoy that is also a pleasure to behold. Both the weight and leather loop are secured with a brass washer. The weights bear the identifying stamp “J.S. KING” or “J.S. KING EDGELY, PA” (Gosner 95).