Tom Matus

(1962 - Present)

Tom Matus was born in 1962 and went on his first duck hunt at age 5.  His father instilled a respect for a wildfowl and a love for the hunting sport through many trips along the Connecticut River and the Colchester Fish and Game club.  He continued until joining the Navy in 1980, when he started hunting the Back Bay and James River areas while stationed in Newport, VA.  While in Virginia, Matus gained an interest in local decoy carvers and their craft.  In 1982 he carved his first decoy with his father’s band saw, a Green Wing Teal, and stained it with color instead of painting it.  As he continued carving Matus drew inspiration from working with other notable carvers like Don McKinlay, Al McCormick, and Keith Mueller.  Since the 1980’s, he has entered many competitions and won several awards for his work.  Matus is also an author on how-to books on decoy carving and acts as a mentor for beginners in the craft.