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Detailed description of brand:

This brand, which was used by an individual, is ¼”high X 3 ¾” wide; all the letters are capitals, with periods after the two initials.


Edward Wilmer Jackson (1869-1964) spent most of his life in the Perryville/Aiken area of Cecil County in Maryland as a dairy farmer.  From 1908 until 1915, he was a Cecil County councilman for District 7.  All the public records of his activities refer to him as E. W. Jackson.  In 1900, he was issued a ducking license.

Other Brands on this decoy: 

A cut or scratched brand in the form of a conjoined WA for Walter Arendt, North East, MD

This brand has been identified on the following decoys:

Maker                                                                         Specie                                                         Drake or Hen

1.George Lockard                                                    Canvasback                                                                Hen




 Cecil Whig (Newspaper of Cecil County, Maryland)

Initial Contributor:  John Henry

Additional Contributors: