Physical description of brand:

RSDFC is a burned brand identifying decoys belonging to the San Doming Farm Club. The brand consists of 5 block letters: RSDFC. The R is for Charles Raymond, the president of the club; and this letter is often not as clear as the other letters of the brand. The “S” is backwards. Each letter is 3/8” wide and ¾” tall; the brand overall is 3 ¼”.


The club was formed by a wealthy band of gunners from Long Island. They leased land from John Cadwalader on the Gunpowder River, north of Maxwell’s Point. The club had a three-story, well-appointed house and retained extensive leases on waterfront property in the area.

This brand has been identified on the following decoys:

Decoy Maker Species Sex Other Brands on This Decoy
John “Daddy” Holly Canvasback Hen
James Holly Canvasback Drake

References/Sources: C. John Sullivan, Waterfowling the Chesapeake, 1819-1936 (The Johns Hopkins University Press, 2003)

Initial Contributor: Darrell Hagar

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