Nature Trail

Take a walk around Schumaker Pond on our nature trail! The nature trail features multiple fishing spots and fantastic views of the pond and wildlife. Bring along your binoculars and spot some of our local birds, including great blue herons, mallards, red-winged blackbirds, and a variety of songbirds and woodpeckers. For free guided bird walks along the pond, join us for Wing Watch every Wednesday at 9 am!

Schumaker Pond is a human-made body of water that is separated from Beaverdam Creek by Beaglin Park Dam. While swimming is not allowed in the pond due to the presence of E. coli bacteria, the pond remains a popular fishing site. As part of the museum’s field trip curriculum, Schumaker Pond is regularly tested and sampled for water quality and macroinvertebrates.

The nature trail is free to access and open to the public.

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Nature Trail
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