Peter Palumbo

Peter Palumbo was born in Bay Shore, Long Island, in 1962. In 1977, he began carving decoys, like most guys, to improve his duck hunting. He was soon completely fascinated by the whole experience; he absorbed everything he could about decoys by drawing his own patterns, carving them and painting them. He looked at contemporary carvings and studied old decoys especially. Mr. Palumbo learned to observe birds in the field and pored over every picture he could find.

He quickly learned that he loved observing birds more than he enjoyed shooting them and soon his shotguns were replaced by binoculars, spotting scopes and journals. Mr. Palumbo is proud to have been honored to judge alongside carvers whose work he has admired at many shows; it has been a privilege to do so, and one he takes very seriously. He feels very fortunate to have become friends with some of these artists and whether it is time spent judging with them, or just talking birds, they are some of the greatest experiences of his life. Mr. Palumbo continues to pursue nature, and his art, as passionately as ever; his desire to capture a bird in wood, and paint, are as elusive as ever. Palumbo is distinguished in the carving community for his mentorship of fellow carvers, support of regional carving events, and delicate artistry of his work.