Keith Mueller

Keith Mueller, a native New Englander, has been carving professionally for forty years. He resides in Killingworth, Connecticut. He was originally educated as an engineer/draftsman, but his carving and painting skills are self-taught. Mr. Mueller has been awarded the celebrated title of World Champion seven times and is one of only two carvers World-wide to win four divisions at World Level of the Ward World Championship. Mr. Mueller has won over 250 Best in Show awards in competition at major events across the country. His carvings and sculptures are on display at the Ward Museum of Wildfowl. Mr. Mueller has also been honored to exhibit at the famed “Birds in Wood Exhibit” at the Cape Cod Museum of Natural History in Massachusetts and the Easton Waterfowl Festival.

Mr. Mueller has been painting and carving for over forty-three years and has been sharing his knowledge as an instructor for the past 35 years. Keith operates summer carving and painting seminars and workshops locally and throughout the US. His most recent bird carving seminar was held in Costa Rica in 2016.