Ward Museum Living Classroom, located on Schumaker Pond

Looking for a quality education experience out-of door, that is not a “wild” excursion or traditional playground? The Ward Museum offers a solution- a first-rate museum facility with an outdoor living classroom as a backdrop.

The Ward Museum of Wildfowl Art is located on Schumaker Pond, a headwater of the Wicomico River, one of the important tributaries of the Chesapeake Bay. The grounds have been improved to help bring visitors of all ages in contact with the rich natural resources in this region. The grounds can be enjoyed as part a self guided tour or an educational program.

Norman & Judy Glenn and Eugene Burkett Nature Trails

Anchoring the Living Classroom are nature trails along Schumaker Pond that provide interpretation and easy navigation through a wetland environment.

From the edge of the pond, you can watch the geese, ducks, and other water-fowl both on the pond and on land. They use the beach to come on-shore to rest and eat and, perhaps, to nest. You may also watch the resident Great Blue Herons as they fish in the shallow water around the edge of the pond. Be careful to watch for the waterfowl as they sleep standing on one leg with their heads tucked to their wings.

The wetlands in the Chesapeake watershed are some of the richest, most productive ecosystems in the world. They may be freshwater, brackish, or salty and are the home and the breeding grounds for extensive numbers of our most important Bay fishes, reptiles, amphibians, birds and mammals.

Signage identifies important plants along the water’s edge, with additional panels explaining wetland habitat. An observation scope is available for viewing birds at a distance and an observation blind lets visitors quietly observe pond activity. A bird feeding garden brings a variety of songbirds within easy view. The fishing pier provides trouble-free access to the pond.

Rain Garden & Rain Barrels

At the south side of the museum, a rain garden and rain barrel have been installed to improve storm water management at Schumaker Pond. The garden is planted with native plants and creates a natural filter for the storm water before entering into the pond.

Beyond the Museum

The museum trail is part of a fully walkable district through the core of Salisbury that enables visitors to enjoy the vast and high quality cultural amenities of the city between the Salisbury Marina and the Ward Museum of Wildfowl Art. Along this greenway you will have access to 2.85 miles of trail, leading you through Salisbury City Park, the Salisbury Zoo, the downtown Arts and Entertainment district, and the Salisbury Marina.

Outdoor Nature Trail

Kids on Nature Trail

People birdwatching outside Museum

Yellow Wildflower